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Numan Hussain


Founder and CEO of Devute. Devute is a software development company that provides startup to enterprise-level software globally.

Founder and CEO of Slonas. Slonas is a virtual technology selling company such as existing mobile apps, websites, etc

Owner and CEO of NextGenty. NextGenty is the parent company of devute, slonas, smartreaderpro, etc.

I started my professional career in 2012 as a freelancer on Upwork after 2015 I made a startup, and my dream project but from 2015 to 2019 I continuously failing the overall project. At end of the 2019, I'm getting positive results from my companies and I'm a full-time employee in my all startup. I have some visionary projects that could be helpful for the next generation and that's why I named my origin company NextGenty.

Thank You

Numan Hussain

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